ドイツ人アーティスト、オラフ・ニコライ(Olaf Nicolai)の作品集。どうすれば政治的な出来事を音楽で表現できるのか?一つの歌はどのようにして政治的な曲になるのか?作者は国際的に活躍する11名の作曲家を招き、今彼らに関わり合いのある政治的な出来事に言及する曲を作ってもらった。

How can songs reflect political events? How does a song become a political song? The artist Olaf Nicolai invited eleven international composers to write songs that reference political events which were of current relevance to them. Without prior announcement, a total of 58 songs were performed as a-cappella pieces on twelve Sundays in 2011 on the central staircase of the Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich. Visitors to the museum found themselves as actors in a staged performance for brief instances of time. The publication “Escalier du Chant” presents excerpts from the songs and commentaries by the composers in the form of 58 music sheets; the accompanying booklet contains various photographs of the performances. Including songs by Tony Conrad, Georg Friedrich Haas, Georg Katzer, Liza Lim, Samir Odeh-Tamimi, Enno Poppe with Marcel Beyer, Rolf Riehm, James Saunders, Elliott Sharp, Mika Vainio, Jennifer Walshe.

by Olaf Nicolai

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3 softcover + 1 booklet in a slipcase
'1-20': 160 pages / '21-40': 160 pages / '41-58': 144 pages / booklet (introduction): 33 pages
180 x 245 mm each
black and white

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