THE PREGNANT VIRGIN by Torbjørn Rødland

ノルウェー人フォトグラファー、トールビョルン・ロドランド(Torbjørn Rødland)の作品集。写真家でありながら本の制作者としても名高い作者のこの一冊は、被写体の中に神聖なるものを探し求めていることを仄めかす。聖母子像の「子」が真実を象徴しているとすれば、処女懐胎(pregnant virgin)は一時的に覆い隠された真実を表しているのかもしれない。老いも若きも、脆い殻と衰えゆく身体の後ろに隠れ、覆い隠された真実を。



The title of this new book from renowned photographer and book-maker Torbjørn Rødland suggests that the artist is looking for the divine in his sitters. If the child in Madonna and child paintings symbolises truth, then the pregnant virgin might represent a temporarily concealed truth – one masked or hidden behind compromised shells and failing bodies, young and old. The photographs in this arresting new collection negotiate surface and interiority and welcome tensions between contingent reality and archetypes, often uncannily recalling day-to-day life in intensely physical and opaquely allusive scenes.

Constructed with characteristic precision and an instinct for surrealism and surprise, this sequence feeds on symbolism and visual texture in a sense reminiscent of classic ‘art’ photography or religious painting, but its self-conscious edge gives it a distinct and hard-to-fathom charge. With The Pregnant Virgin, Rødland explores analogue photography in dialogue both with online digital culture and visual art from before photography existed as a stable medium.

by Torbjørn Rødland

REGULAR PRICE ¥11,000  (tax incl.)

112 pages
210 x 270 mm

published by MACK