HOW HIGH THE MOON by Stanley Whitney

アメリカ人アーティスト、スタンレイ・ホイットニー(Stanley Whitney)の作品集。2024年2月から5月にかけてニューヨーク州バッファローの「バッファローAKG美術館(BUFFALO AKG ART MUSEUM)」で開催された展覧会を皮切りに、ミネソタ州ミネアポリスの文化施設「ウォーカー・アート・センター(Walker Art Center)」、マサチューセッツ州ボストンの「ボストン現代美術館(ICA Boston)」といった北米の施設を巡回する展覧会に伴い刊行された。1970年代から現在まで制作されてきた絵画作品と紙上作品170点を紹介する。

タイトルは、ナンシー・ハミルトン(Nancy Hamilton)とモーガン・ルイス(Morgan Lewis)が1940年にミュージカル『Two for the Show』のために書いた曲のタイトルから引用している。

The esteemed American painter Stanley Whitney has, for 50 years, created joyful, immersive abstractions characterized by a bold, experimental palette and unique rhythm. Over the last 20 years, he has structured his paintings as loose grids: a consistent framework that frees him to work through seemingly infinite painterly variations and allows viewers to focus not on each painting’s subject, but rather on our own response to color. These large-scale paintings are joined by improvisatory small paintings; drawings and prints, which constitute their own practice for Whitney; and the artist’s sketchbooks, which offer a view into Whitney’s engagement with the written word and politics.

This traveling North American exhibition is Whitney’s first museum survey, presenting 170 paintings and works on paper spanning from the 1970s to the present day. The catalog includes an introduction by exhibition organizer Cathleen Chaffee, scholarly explorations of the artist’s paintings and works on paper, a chronology and illustrations of all works in the exhibition.

by Stanley Whitney

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296 pages
256 x 292 mm


published by DELMONICO BOOKS