DONALD JUDD by Donald Judd

アメリカ人アーティスト、ドナルド・ジャッド(Donald Judd)の作品集。20近いアーカイブ資料をもとに、1960年代におけるミニマリズムの文脈の内側と外側から作者の作品を探り、その活動の全容を明かす一冊。作品の中には、驚くほど刹那的なものもある一方、物理的であることにこだわるのは何故か、その不可解な問いを解説すべく、作者の美術評論家としての出発点から、テキサス州マーファに建つ「チナティ財団(Chinati Foundation)」でのインスタレーション、デザイン作品に及ぶまで広く紹介する。シカゴ美術館附属美術大学で教鞭を執るデイビッド・ラスキン(David Raskin)が手がけた一冊。

An authoritative look at the art, life, and legacy of a revered artist

This pioneering, critically acclaimed book, originally published in 2010 and now available in paperback, is an authoritative and enlightening guide to a wide array of works by the great American artist Donald Judd (1928–1994). Showcasing the entire breadth of Judd’s practices, the book draws on documents from nearly twenty archives and investigates Judd and his work both within and outside the context of the 1960s Minimalist art movement. David Raskin explains why some of Judd’s works seem startlingly ephemeral while others remain insistently physical; in the process of answering this perplexing question, Raskin traces Judd’s principles from his beginnings as an art critic through his fabulous installations and designs in Marfa, Texas.

Raskin develops a truly singular picture of Judd: he shows us an artist who asserted his individuality with spare designs; who found spiritual values in plywood, Plexiglas, and industrial production; who refused to distinguish between thinking and feeling while asserting that science marked the limits of knowledge; who claimed that his art provided intuitions of morality but not a specific set of tenets; and who worked for political causes that were neither left nor right.

by Donald Judd


220 pages
235 x 275 mm