アメリカ人アーティスト、ドナルド・ジャッド(Donald Judd)の作品集。2020年に刊行された同名作品集の増補第2版。本書は、ニューヨークとテキサス州に建つ自身の象徴的とも言えるスペースに関して広く紹介しており、新たな図面の詳細やアーカイブ資料などを収録している。編集は「ジャッド・ファウンデーション(Judd Foundation)」の共同代表を務めるフレイヴィン・ジャッド(Flavin Judd)とレイナー・ジャッド(Rainer Judd)が担当。新たに依頼し撮影された写真とアーカイブ写真、そして作者が書き下ろした5つのエッセイで構成されており、作者の作品群にとって極めて重要な役割を果たす個人的な空間を探求する機会を与える。


The landmark survey of Judd’s iconic spaces, featuring new drawing details, archival materials and more.

This second expanded edition presents an unprecedented visual survey of the living and working spaces of the artist Donald Judd in New York and Texas. Filled with newly commissioned and archival photographs alongside five essays by the artist, this book provides an opportunity to explore Judd's personal spaces, which are a crucial part of this revered artist's oeuvre.
From a 19th-century cast-iron building in Manhattan to an extensive ranch in the mountains of western Texas, this book details the interiors, exteriors and land surrounding the buildings that comprise Judd's extant living and working spaces. Readers will discover how Judd developed the concept of permanent installation at Spring Street in New York City, with artworks, furniture and decorative objects striking a balance between the building's historical qualities and his own architectural innovations. His buildings in Marfa, Texas, demonstrate how Judd reiterated his concept of integrative living on a larger scale, extending to the reaches of the Chinati Mountains at Ayala de Chinati, his 33,000-acre ranch south of the town. Each of the spaces was thoroughly considered by Judd with resolute attention to function and design. From furniture to utilitarian structures that Judd designed himself, these residences reflect Judd's consistent aesthetic. His spaces underscore his deep interest in the preservation of buildings and his deliberate interventions within existing architecture.

by Donald Judd


432 pages
229 x 305 mm
color, black and white

published by JUDD FOUNDATION