DEUTSCHLAND by Gerry Johansson

スウェーデン人フォトグラファー、ゲリー・ヨハンソン(Gerry Johansson)の作品集。作者が18年間に渡ってアメリカ・スウェーデン・モンゴルを撮り続けてきたシリーズの最終章「ドイツ」を収録。ドイツ国内で撮影した田舎や都会の風景をアルファベット順に並べて構成。352ページに渡って並べられた風景には何気ない「ドイツ」の伝統や独自の風土が捉えられている。

Following the phenomenal success of Gerry Johansson’s 2011 publication Pontiac, MACK is pleased to publish the long-awaited Deutschland which completes an eighteen-year series of books for which Johansson travelled through America, Sweden, Germany and Mongolia. Deutschland is a visual encyclopedia, a catalogue of the rural and urban landscapes of Germany arranged in alphabetical order. In carefully structured greyscale images, Johansson sensitively explores German history through its landscape, picking out the industrial scenes, industrial buildings, residential roads and shop fronts. His quiet photographs are carefully constructed, grid patterns recur constantly and each frame is packed with information.

by Gerry Johansson


352 pages
170 x 240 mm
black and white

published by MACK