WHY DRESDEN - PHOTOGRAPHS 1984/85 & 2015 by Seiichi Furuya


※註 西洋のイスラム化に反対する欧州愛国者

Seiichi Furuya’s Dresden photographs from 1984/85 are a most unlikely document ― a view of daily life in the latter days of the GDR recorded by a Japanese photographer, who had been a major player in the photography scene in Austria since the beginning of the 1980s. Furuya came to Dresden as an interpreter for a Japanese construction company. His pictures are private ― a young family in an intimate setting, their deep-seated anxieties and moments of happiness ― and it is more in passing that he records everyday life and society. His view from the outside, a stranger’s way of seeing things, has no equivalent in the art photography of the GDR. In 2015 an exhibition project brought Furuya back to Dresden, where he took a series of new pictures: photographs of familiar places, onto which capitalist life has now inscribed itself, thirty years on, and of the Pegida demonstrations that have completely transformed the image of the city.

by Seiichi Furuya

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192 pages
180 x 240 mm    
color, black and white 

published by SPECTOR BOOKS