TWO FRAME FILMS (2006-2012) by Luke Fowler

2012年にターナー賞へノミネートされているイギリス人映像作家、ルーク・ファウラー(Luke Fowler)の作品集。35ミリフィルムのハーフカメラを使用して制作された作品を収録。対のイメージを提示することで撮影によって生じる物事の展開やストーリー性、またそれぞれのイメージの近接さや遠隔さが次々と明らかにされ、鑑賞者に可視終着点へと結びつけようとしている。グラスゴー大学の社会学教授Harvie Fergusonと、作者と多数の共作を発表している日本人作家、角田俊也によるテキストを収録。

‘The strength of montage lies in the fact that it involves the spectator’s emotions and reason. The spectator is forced to follow the same creative path that the authors followed when creating the image.’ - S. Eisenstein, The Film Sense

Primarily known for his film work, Luke Fowler’s Two-Frame Filmsexplores the relationship between the artist and the still-image. Fowler uses a half-frame camera whose obsolescent format forces the printing of two images in one standard 35 mm frame. Considered as a whole, the paired images reveal an event unfolding – a meaningful narrative posed by photographic sets, sometimes close in temporal proximity (the blink of time passing, perhaps), while at other times, the intervals are more expansive, challenging the viewer to connect visible terminal points in a satisfying way. Fowler experimented with different film stocks, subjects and framing, and the images are inextricably linked to his filmmaking as evidenced by the elements of montage, colour and reflectivity that permeate the series. In both still and moving image, Fowler considers how an event might be abstracted by the camera apparatus in a subjective ordering of reality that is emphasised by the dialectic between paired images. The photographs are a means of personally testing the ability of the camera to authentically bear witness to an event, and its fallibility as a medium of representation.

by Luke Fowler

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160 pages
255 x 235 mm

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