NYを拠点とするベルギー人フォトグラファー、クエンティン・デ・ブリエ(Quentin de Briey)の作品集。元プロスケーターだった作者は、怪我を機に本格的に写真家としての活動を始め、これまでに「ウォールストリート・ジャーナル・マガジン」や「ヴォーグ」「ル・モンド」「セルフサービス」「ポーターマガジン」などでエディトリアルを発表している。『THANK YOU FOR YOUR BUSINESS』は、作者がその年一年間で撮影したセレクションを本の形で見せるシリーズ作であり、5作目となる本書では、2014年9月から2022年12月にかけてニューヨークで撮影したモノクロ写真とカラー写真を掲載。個人的に撮影したものと雑誌のエディトリアルで撮影した写真が織り交ぜられ、スケートボーダーや友人の写真も含めバラエティ豊かな作品が収録されている。



In the fifth edition of his ongoing book series "Thank you for your business", Quentin de Briey presents a collection of personal and editorial photographs taken in New York. The book features a mix of black and white and color photographs, showcasing captivating images of skateboarders, portraits of friends, and editorials created for various magazines.

The limited edition comes in a cardboard sleeve with an original print with the artist's stamp.

In order of appearance: Tyler Blue Golden, Mali Koopman, Tyler Blue Golden, Steffi Cook, Matthew (Wavy), Tyler Blue Golden, Justin Genki, Freja Beha Erichsen, Unknown, Freja Beha Erichsen, Mark Gonzales, Tyler Blue Golden, Tyshawn Jones, Tyshawn Jones, Steffy Argelich, Keith Hardy, Efron Danzig, Carlisle Aikens, Daria Werbowy, Luca, Amber Later, Tyshawn Jones, Tyler Blue Golden, Chloe Magno, Stu Kirst, Scott Ify, Ashton Sanders, Tyler Blue Golden, Kai Hillebrand, Alicia Keys, Keith Hardy, Joey Bada, Kai Hillebrand, Tyler Blue Golden, Steffy Argelich, Achok Majak, Keith Hardy, Emily Miller, Tyler Blue Golden, Carlisle Aikens, Ben Molayev, Daryl Angel, Kim Schell, Gino Iannucci, Lee Smith & Jason Dill, Vivienne Rohner, Achraf Issami, Erin Wolffmomsen, Aidan Mackey, Lucas Bin, Unknown, Joseph Oxley, Keith Hardy, Abbey Lee, Tyshawn Jones, Erik Ellington, Sean Pablo, Joey Bada, Erik Van Gils, Tyshawn Jones, William Strobeck, Chase Walker, Tyler Blue Golden, Elektra & Miranda Kilbey, Erik Blake Gemma Janes, Kai Hillebrand, Pooja Mor, Ben Kadow, Unknown, Kai Hillebrand, AJ Rodriguez, Ken, Bernie Sanders, Keith Hardy, Stu Kirst, Magnus Bordewick, Erin Wolffmomsen, Imaan Hammam, Tynair Mabery, Isaac White, Duane Michals, Steffy Argelich, Diego Nájera, William Strobeck, Unknown, Edita, Paul Maffi, Sean Pablo, Zion Marley, Chloe Magno, Tyshawn Jones, Saskia De Brauw, Justin Genki, Keith Hardy.

All the pictures were taken in New York City between September 2014 and December 2022. "Thank you for your business" was originally published every year in a newspaper format.

Quentin de Briey is a Belgian-born photographer living in Paris. His photography is heavily influenced by growing up skateboarding and the music culture surrounding him. Quentin’s fashion work has been printed in publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Holiday magazine, Self Service, and numerous editions of Vogue magazine. He collaborates with advertising brands worldwide including Calvin Klein, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Lacoste, Supreme, and Zara. "Thank you for your business" is a compilation of Quentin’s visual diaries exploring his life in New York City over the past decade.

In addition to the previous "Thank You for Your Business" series, this is his third publication with Yvon Lambert, following "The Other Day" (2016) and "Ladakh" (2017). Previous books also include "Kamala House" (2019), shot in India for Apartamento, and Bali (2018), shot in Indonesia for Louis Vuitton.

by Quentin de Briey


softcover in a cardboard sleeve
including an original print with the artist's stamp
print: 238 x 358 mm

196 pages
280 x 360 mm
color, black and white
limited edition of 150 copies


published by YVON LAMBERT