PRINTS: CATALOGUE RAISONNÉ, 1947–2022 by Alex Katz

アメリカ人アーティスト、アレックス・カッツ(Alex Katz)の作品集。1947年から2022年までにおよぶ、作者のプリント(版画)作品をまとめたカタログ・レゾネである。



Before the rise of Pop Art proper, Alex Katz developed an iconic style of figurative painting in the early 1960s— influenced by film, television, and billboard advertising. Seemingly detached and incredibly stylish, he created portraits of the New York scene as well as idyllic landscapes. Printmaking plays an equally central role in Katz’s work. He uses lithographs, etchings, silkscreens, woodcuts and linocuts to reproduce, reflect and further reduce his bold aesthetic, while retaining the radiant color characteristic for his paintings. Since the first edition in 2011, Katz has almost doubled his output of prints—this timely new edition includes his complete prints, cutout editions, artists’ books, and also lists his works of applied art like book illustrations and public art projects. New essays and interviews with the artist give profound insights into the work of one of the foremost American artists of the present.

by Alex Katz

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480 pages
240 x 300 mm

published by HATJE CANTZ