AUTUMN by Alex Katz

アメリカ人アーティスト、アレックス・カッツ(Alex Katz)の作品集。2023年9月から11月にかけてシカゴの「リチャード・グレイ・ギャラリー(Richard Gray Gallery)」で開催された展覧会に伴い刊行された。作者にとってこのギャラリーでの個展は10回目となり、規模の大きい風景画作品での展覧会は2018年以来となる。本書には、展覧会で見せた作品の全てが掲載されている。


冒頭には、息子で詩人、翻訳家、批評家、編集者、キュレーターのヴィンセント・カッツ(Vincent Katz)による新作の詩を収録。

New large-scale paintings by Alex Katz capture impressions of fall in all its radiant glory

For his new series painted in 2022 and 2023, American artist Alex Katz pushes his palette to an intense range of high-key blues, deep reds and pinks, and golden yellows to most fully express the color of the changing season. Autumn follows the eponymous exhibition at Gray Gallery in Chicago: Katz’s 10th solo exhibition at this venue and his first exhibition of large-scale landscapes since 2018. The increasingly abstract new compositions are anchored by strong black paint strokes, contrasting the architecture of the tree branches against the brilliantly hued leaves and sky. Other works in the exhibition, from the related series Field’s End and Tree Top, offer more subtle landscapes in muted greens, yellows and grays. This catalog includes color plates of all these works, and opens with a new poem by the artist’s son Vincent Katz.

by Alex Katz

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136 pages
184 x 229 mm