KODACHROME by Luigi Ghirri

イタリアのカラー写真界のパイオニアでもあるルイジ・ギッリ(Luigi Ghirri)が1978年に自費出版で発表し、長い間絶版状態となっていた「KODACHROME」の復刻版。作者の没後20周年を記念してMACKより出版された本作では、オリジナルイメージを忠実に複写し、テキストレイアウトやイメージの序列も本来のデザインを採用。更に最新の技術・印刷方法によってギッリのオリジナルフィルムからスキャンされた新しいイメージが追加されている。

In 1978 Luigi Ghirri self-published his first book, an avant-garde manifesto for the medium of photography and a landmark in his own remarkable oeuvre. Kodachrome has long been out of print and on the 20th anniversary of Ghirri’s death, MACK is proud to publish the second edition. 

‘Ghirri fights to maintain our ability to see. His works are powerful devices for the re-education of the gaze. They alter the perception we have of the world without proposing a single path to follow, rather they provide us with the tools we need to find the one we’re looking for.’ - Francesco Zanot

Part amateur photo-album, Ghirri presents his surroundings in tightly cropped images, making photographs of photographs and recording the Italian landscape through it’s adverts, postcards, potted plants, walls, windows, and people. His work is deadpan, reflecting a dry wit, and is a continuous engagement with the subject of reality and of landscape as a snapshot of our interaction with the world. This new edition of Kodachrome is published as a facsimile of the original, adopting the original design, text layout and image sequence, but using new image files scanned from Ghirri’s original film to take advantage of modern technology and printing methods. A small booklet is included with an essay by Francesco Zanot, which offers a contemporary perspective on the historical impact of Kodachrome, alongside French and German translations of the original texts from the book (which were published in English and Italian). 

‘The daily encounter with reality, the fictions, the surrogates, the ambiguous, poetic or alienating aspects, all seem to preclude any way out of the labyrinth, the walls of which are ever more illusory… to the point at which we might merge with them… The meaning that I am trying to render through my work is a verification of how it is still possible to desire and face a path of knowledge, to be able finally to distinguish the precise identity of man, things, life, from the image of man, things, and life.’ - Luigi Ghirri

by Luigi Ghirri

REGULAR PRICE ¥7,700  (tax incl.)

104 pages
202 x 270 mm

published by MACK