FULL OF EMPTINESS by Machteld Rullens

オランダ人アーティスト、マクテルド・ラレンズ(Machteld Rullens)の作品集。壁面を利用したその作品群は、段ボール箱を集め、色と樹脂で優しくこすり、閉じない口のように、あるいは閉じて内部を隠しながら積み重ねて作られている。こうした絵画と強い関連性を持ちながらも、筆を使うことがほとんどない彫刻的な要素を用いて制作を続けてきた。


Machteld Rullens (b. 1988, the Hague, Netherlands) gathers cardboard boxes, gently rubs them with color and resin, and stacks them, their flaps agape like unshut mouths or closed, hiding their interiors just so. Full of emptiness, Rullens’ debut artist book, presents over sixty of her humdrum wall-works alongside photographs of friends, family, curious objects, and far-off travels. Art and everyday life are documented with the same analogue camera, smudging the line therebetween—if there every was one. Essay by Andrew Berardini.

by Machteld Rullens

REGULAR PRICE ¥6,050  (tax incl.)

90 pages
213 x 297 mm
color, black and white
limited edition of 400 copies

published by ZOLO PRESS