WORKS 1973-1976 POSTER by Blinky Palermo

ドイツ人アーティスト、ブリンキー・パレルモ(Blinky Palermo)のポスター。2015年にニューヨークのギャラリー「David Zwirner」で開催された展覧会に伴い、作者の作品『Ohne Titel (Untitled)』(1974年)をもとに制作された。

作者は1965年に二等辺三角形のフォルムを持つ作品を制作し始め、同時に楕円形、正方形、長方形、台形など他の幾何学的形状も追求。その形は次第に洗練され、意図的な不完全さへと向かっていく。この三角形には作者が師事していたヨーゼフ・ボイス(Joseph Beuys)の影響が感じられるが、設置された空間に注目させる型破りな作家なりの解釈が色濃く反映された作品の一つでもある。


Although often associated with varying twentieth-century art historical practices and discourses—including abstraction, Minimalism, and Conceptual Art—Palermo’s diverse body of work defies easy classification. Throughout his brief and influential career, the artist executed paintings, objects, installations, and works on paper that addressed the contextual and semantic issues at stake in the construction, exhibition, and reception of artworks. His handling of form, color, and composition comprises a complex and experimental investigation of aesthetic concepts and of the semiotic possibilities of visual language.

Palermo began working with isosceles triangles in 1965, while also investigating other geometric shapes, such as the oval, the square, the rectangle, and the trapezoid. He may have been initially drawn to the triangular form in the work of his teacher at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, Joseph Beuys. Made while Palermo was still a student of Beuys, this work retains some of the mystical properties of resurrection and transformation Beuys found in the triangular shape. However, the development of Palermo's triangles throughout his career present evidence of a shift away from Beuysian metaphysics and toward material, lived experience. For Palermo, the triangle offered an unconventional shape that draws attention to the space in which it is installed; it would become a central form within his oeuvre, as he employed triangles in a number of different variations. Over the course of Palermo\s career, the shapes became less and less refined and precisely rendered, moving toward a deliberate imperfection.

Ohne Titel (Untitled), ca. 1974 is reproduced in this poster on the occasion of the exhibition Palermo: Works 1973-1976.

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by Blinky Palermo


(offset print) 
paper: 507 x 406 mm
frame: aluminium / 509 x 408 mm