XY XX by Fosi Vegue

オンラインフォトスクール「BLANKPAPER」を主宰するスペイン人フォトグラファーフォシ・ヴェグ(Fosi Vegue)の作品集。本書は、中庭を挟んだ向かい側にある、売春婦が客をとる部屋で見てはいけないものを目撃してしまった作者が、カメラの感度を大げさに上げて撮影したり、部分的に切り取ったりぼかすなどしてメッセージを作り変えて制作した作品を収録。強烈なノイズは我々の潜在意識になり変わっていき、精神領域が本能、欲望、矛盾のカタリスト(触媒)として性行為を執り行う。

An inner courtyard faces a row of rooms where prostitutes take their clients. Out of view at an opposite window, the photographer witnesses what should remain unseen. Issues such as prostitution or pornography only become problematic when the system, or a society at the service of that system, deem them to be so. Nor would they exist in the absence of a legal framework that lays down the limits of what can and cannot be seen in public. In this context, sex becomes a control mechanism. While most cameras today strive to erase any trace of digital noise, here it is exploited to the maximum effect. The exaggerated sensitivity used to cut out the subject also blurs and alters the message. This overpowering noise is our own subconscious, the mental sphere were sex operates as a catalyst for our instinct, our desire and our contradictions.

by Fosi Vegue


108 pages
240 x 160 mm

published by DALPINE