VIERNES SOCIAL by Oscar Murillo

現代美術界で重要な賞の一つである「ターナー賞」を2019年に他3名の作家と共同受賞し、ロンドンを拠点とするコロンビア人アーティスト、オスカー・ムリーリョ(Oscar Murillo)の作品集。サーペンタイン・ギャラリー・パビリオンでのイベント「Serpentine Gallery Park Nights 2012」で開催されたパーティー「The Cleaners’ Late Summer Party with COMME des GARÇONS」に伴い刊行された。


"…Mixing personal references of Latin American conviviality with visual and social patterns of globalised society, Murillo’s performance generates tension where individual and cultural identities, including language, are questioned. Murillo’s performances, paintings, videos and installations utilise opposites to explore commonality. Using vocabulary from everyday advertising in his canvases, he explores the functionality of displaced and reconfigured words, recalling a 1960s Neo-Concrete approach to language." ーSerpentine Gallery’s Press Release

Published on the occasion of The Cleaners’ Late Summer Party with COMME des GARÇONS Friday 14 September 2012, 8pm, Serpentine Gallery Park Nights

by Oscar Murillo


150 pages
140 x 225 mm
color, black and white

published by ONESTAR PRESS