TYPOLOGY 1979 by Joachim Brohm

1980年初頭に写真家としてキャリアを始め、当時ヨーロッパでは日常の風景をカラー写真のみで撮影する写真家としては希有な存在であったドイツ人フォトグラファー、ヨアキム・ブローム(Joachim Brohm)の作品集。本書はウィリアム・エグルストンやロバート・アダムスらアメリカ人フォトグラファーに影響を受けた作者が、ドイツのルール地方にある35つの物置小屋という一見何の変哲もない日常風景を、カラー写真かつ同世代ドイツ人作家のベルント&ヒラ・ベッヒャーに代表される「タイポロジー(類型学)」スタイルで捉えた初期作品が収められている。ドイツ人作家であり評論家でもあるUlf Erdmann Zieglerによる寄稿付き。

No two of the little houses are the same… carefully proportioned furnishings here are wildly contradicted with slapdash decorations over there. Everyone has thought about their buildings, brought materials, laid walls, used power drills, insulated, glued things, extended the previous tenant’s shed, retro-fitted a bigger window, added a television antenna. They are strange hybrid buildings, between tool sheds and dachas, gingerbread houses and orangeries. - Ulf Erdmann Ziegler

Joachim Brohm rose to prominence in the early 1980s, one of the first photographers in Europe to take pictures exclusively in colour, connecting the everyday cultural landscape with the new possibilities of colour photography. This collection titled Typology 1979 is one of his very earliest series, depicting 35 allotment sheds from the Ruhr valley region of Germany, painterly images that are an everyday inventory – of garden structures, of human activity. Influenced by the great American photographers such as William Eggleston and Robert Adams, he also looked to his German contemporaries, Bernd and Hilla Becher, whose ‘typologies’ are heralded in the collection’s title.

by Joachim Brohm

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104 pages
240 x 260 mm

published by MACK