ノルウェー人アーティスト、ガーダー・アイダ・アイナーソン(Gardar Eide Einarsson)の作品集。2013年にラットホールギャラリーで開催された展覧会「I Am The Only Free Man On This Train」に伴い刊行された。





本展では、Fluorescent Pinkシリーズからのモノクローム・ペインティングが発表されます。シリーズ名でもある蛍光ピンクのアクリル絵具がカンヴァスを占めるこれらの作品は、モノクローム・ペインティングのハイ・モダニズムへの徹底をより推し進めるものとなっている一方で、彼のこれまでの作品同様、権力構造への示唆が多分に埋め込まれている点においては、モノクロームの新たな可能性を切り開くものとなってもいます。


アイナーソンの作品は近年、ベルゲン美術館での個展や、オスロ、レイキャヴィク、ストックホルム、カッセルへと巡回した展覧会Power Has a Fragranceで注目を集めるほか、シドニー・ビエンナーレ(2010年)、ホイットニー・ビエンナーレ(2008年)、イスタンブール・ビエンナーレ(2005年)などにも出品されています。

Official Press Release:

Rat Hole Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition of new works by Gardar Eide Einarsson. Comprised of large-scale paintings, silkscreens, and sculptures, this is the artist’s second exhibition with the gallery and will be on view from August 2 until October 6, 2013.

Gardar Eide Einarsson (Norwegian, b.1976, lives and works in New York and Tokyo) is known for his paintings, sculptures, collages, photographs, and installations that examine
the complex relationship between authority and rebellion within the power structures of modern societies, economies, and polities.

Einarsson uses visual signs and symbols taken from a variety of sources ranging from popular culture to political iconography to utopian ideologies and criminal subcultures. By decontexualizing and appropriating the images or objects using techniques such as enlarging them, separating them, and combining them with a calculated restraint, Einarsson makes them virtually void of their original meaning, creating works that are sophisticated and cynical expressions of coded and layered messages dually referencing the exercise of power and resistance to such. This imagery is combined with a formal vocabulary of minimalism and geometrical abstraction, often through the use of a monochromatic palette or rigorous black-and-white execution, as well as other references to movements in art history such as the readymade, pop art, and conceptual art of the 1960s and 70s.

For this exhibition at Rat Hole Gallery, a suite of four new monochrome paintings from the artist’s Fluorescent Pink series will be presented. Titled after the shade of acrylic paint that has been used to make them, these works with fluorescent pink surfaces that occupy almost the entirety of the canvas, reproduce the high modernist ideal of monochrome painting while also exploiting the possibility of the monochrome as a background for the visual and textual fragments found throughout the artist’s oeuvre.

Also on view will be a large-scale diptych silkscreen painting with the motif of an American postage stamp as well as a steel sculptural work that alludes to pull-up bars found inside American prison cells. Central to these works is an investigation of the fundamental conflict within a control society such as that of post-9/11 America as well as the mythology and history of the individual as an outlaw figure, as hinted to in the exhibition title, a quote from the anarchist character played by Klaus Kinski in the 1965 film Doctor Zhiwago.

Einarsson’s work is currently the subject of a solo exhibition at the Bergen Museum in Norway, and his survey exhibition Power Has a Fragrance opened at Oslo's Astrup-Fearnley Museum in 2010, traveling to the Reykjavik Art Museum, Bonniers Konsthall in Stockholm, and the Fridericianum in Kassel. The artist has also participated in the Whitney Biennial, the Istanbul Biennial and the Sydney Biennial, among others.

by Gardar Eide Einarsson


68 pages
230 × 300 mm
limited edition of 1,000 copies

published by RAT HOLE GALLERY