SMALL MYTHS by Mikiko Hara



本書は、1996年から2021年までの未発表写真を、版元である「CHOSE COMMUNE」と作者の共同で選定してまとめられた1冊。

記事:原美樹子×倉石信乃 対談「生活者のまなざしがとらえた小さな神話」(IMA ONLINE)


Small Myths: Selection from the new photobook by Mikiko Hara
第一弾 2022年12月8日(木) - 2022年12月26日(月)
第二弾 2023年1月12日(木) - 2023年2月6日(月) ※火曜・水曜定休
開催場所:book obscura

Mikiko Hara has her own way of secretly capturing the strangers who cross her path: a young man on the train, a couple holding hands, a little girl playing in a park... Sometimes their eyes meet briefly as she presses the shutter, but Mikiko Hara does not exchange with her subjects. Yet, these portraits reveal something infinitely personal, as if the photographer and her subjects were bound by an invisible pact: being in the right place at the right time.

Mikiko Hara’s approach, firmly rooted in a documentation of everyday life, extends in the intimacy of her living space: cut flowers in the sink, a strawberry shortcake in the fridge, her three sons dozing on the floor. The eye of the photographer, who is also a mother and wife, moves back and forth from the outside to the inside, from the public to the private sphere. Wherever she is, Mikiko Hara observes and tells stories like fragments of life.

At the initiative of the publisher - who made the selection in collaboration with the artist - these unpublished photographs from 1996 to 2021 have been assembled in this book, entitled Small Myths.

by Mikiko Hara


104 pages
230 x 270 mm

published by CHOSE COMMUNE