SKIZZEN / SKETCHES 1970-2020 by Roman Signer

スイス人アーティスト、ローマン・シグネール(Roman Signer)の作品集。本書は、スイスのクール・ビュンドナー美術館で2020年秋に開催された展覧会に伴い刊行された。


In the past few years, Roman Signer has paid more attention to his sketches and partially integrated them into exhibitions. For the first time they are the focus of an exhibition at the Bündner Kunstmuseum Chur and provide an overview of Signer’s work over the past 50 years. The sketches are a key to Roman Signer’s artistic work and reveal the core of his expanded understanding of sculpture. They show ideas for objects, actions, films and installations and document how changes can be experienced through the influence of different forces. The fleetingness of the sketches anticipates the character of his “temporary sculptures”, which are the hallmarks of this internationally acclaimed Swiss artist.

by Roman Signer


580 pages
310 x 250 mm
color, black and white

published by WALTHER KÖNIG