RAY'S A LAUGH: A READER by Richard Billingham, Liz Jobey

イギリス人フォトグラファー、リチャード・ビリンガム(Richard Billingham)と、アイルランド出身の編集者でありライターのリズ・ジョビー(Liz Jobey)の作品集。



本書では、初版発売時と今も変わらず活力に満ち、刺激的であり続ける作品群の歴史を辿り、アートの影響や出版、宣伝の政治学について多くを語ってくれるそのストーリーを追う。編集者であるリズ・ジョビーが、作者や、本作の台頭の主要な立役者となったアーティストでありフォトグラファーのマイケル・コリンズ(Michael Collins)、ジュリアン・ジャーマン(Julian Germain)、ポール・グラハム(Paul Graham)などへのインタビューをもとに、この作品の歴史を新たなエッセイにまとめた。続いて、キュレーターであり批評家のシャーロット・コットン(Charlotte Cotton)、作家のゴードン・バーン(Gordon Burn)、ジャーナリストのリン・バーバー(Lynn Barber)、小説家のジム・ルイス(Jim Lewis)ら作家陣が書き上げた、1996年から現在にいたるまでの座談やエッセイの広範なセレクションを収録。本書は、「RAY’S A LAUGH」の新版の刊行に伴い出版された。


In 1996, a book of photographs by an unknown young British photographer was launched on to the London contemporary art market to immediate popular and critical success. The pictures were taken within the claustrophobic, chaotic interior of a Birmingham council flat where the photographer’s father, Ray, an alcoholic, lived with Liz, his sedentary and occasionally violent mother, and his younger brother Jason.

For the public, including cultured, art-loving viewers, the pictures were a shock: more intimate, more personal, more oppressive than the well-meaning photojournalistic study of working-class poverty to which they were accustomed. Some saw them as a betrayal – exposing unsuspecting family members to potential humiliation – but from Richard Billingham’s point of view they made moral judgements and had no social or political purpose. He had taken them as reference images for his painting, and their lives as artworks were as much a result of the interventions of other editors and gallerists as of Billingham’s own intentions.

This reader traces the history of a body of work which remains as vital and provocative as on its first release, and whose story tells us much about the workings of art, publishing, and the politics of dissemination. Editor Liz Jobey charts the history in a new essay drawing on interviews with Billingham and all the primary protagonists of the work’s emergence, including Michael Collins, Julian Germain, and Paul Graham. This is followed by an extensive selection of conversations and essays from 1996 to the present day, by writers including Charlotte Cotton, Gordon Burn, Lynn Barber, and Jim Lewis. This book coincides with the release of a new edition of Ray’s a Laugh restoring Billingham’s original vision for the book.

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by Liz Jobey , Richard Billingham

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160 pages
125 x 195 mm
color, black and white


published by MACK