PRADA 96-98 by Glen Luchford [SECOND EDITION]

イギリス人ファッションフォトグラファー、グレン・ルックフォード(Glen Luchford)の作品集。90年代に作られた「PRADA」のキャンペーンビジュアルを収録。ファッション界で最も象徴的かつ印象的な写真の数々を収録している。各ページの間には、クロモリクス(Chromolux)紙を使った小冊子が差し込まれており、コンタクトシート、ライティング・テスト、アウトテイク、ロケーションショットなどが収められている。フォトグラファーのルー・ストーパード(Lou Stoppard)との対談では、その制作秘話を語る。


ブックデザインは『SELF SERVICE』のクリエイティブディレクター、エズラ・ペトロニオ(Ezra Petronio)が手掛けている。


I see them as cinematic but I wasn’t creating narratives. I just had films in my head and scenes that always stuck with me, and I wanted to find a way to recreate them in a fashion context - it was nothing more complex or intellectual than that, it was pretty simplistic actually.” Glen Luchford.

The book has large 12 x 11 pages on which many of fashion’s most iconic and memorable photographs are beautifully printed. In sections between them, inserts on Chromolux paper are sewn in. These mini booklets present contact sheets, lighting tests, alternate takes and location shots. In the discussion with Lou Stoppard, Glen tells the story of the making of these images.

I did feel sorry for Amber. That water was actually full of these little red wriggly worms that were absolutely disgusting. As I was shooting it, I just remember thinking, if I were her I would be freaking out. They were going in her ears up her bum, everywhere.”

by Glen Luchford

REGULAR PRICE ¥19,250  (tax incl.)

116 pages
280 x 305 mm
color, black and white
limited edition of 1,000 copies


published by IDEA