PINK LEMONADE by Sayo Nagase

日本人写真家、永瀬沙世の作品集「PINK LEMONADEは、ハワイのワイキキ、東京の郊外や都心を舞台に2年にわたって制作された作品を収録。「Asphalt & Chalk」(2011) に続く同出版社からの出版。

Sayo Nagase’s (b. 1978, Japanese) Pink Lemonade is a story that takes you on a journey across three locations: Hawaii (Waikiki), Tokyo central- and suburbia. The woman in the book, a friend of Sayo’s for 15 years, actress Yumi Shimizu, is a recurring subject in her work.

by Sayo Nagase

REGULAR PRICE ¥7,700  (tax incl.)

40 pages
215 x 275 mm
limited edition of 400 copies

published by LIBRARYMAN