PHOTO-BOY 1979-1988 MY ROSE PERIOD IN AMERICA by Akiyoshi Taniguchi [SIGNED]

日本人写真家、谷口昌良の作品集。本書は「写真少年 1973-1979」(2009年、蒼穹舎刊)に続き、作者が 1979年に高校卒業と同時に渡ったアメリカでの時代を纏めた写真集・第二編である。中学生の頃から写真を撮り続けた著者は、東京・蔵前の寺院、長応院に生まれ、現在は住職として布教活動を行っている。僧侶として職務を全うする傍ら、写真への情熱を持ち続けた作者は、2006年に寺院内に展示・観照の場となる「空蓮房」を開設。現代を生きる国内外アーティストともに様々な展覧会も企画してきた。また、写真作品を主に、独自の視線を通して集められた膨大な作品コレクションを築きながら、それらをサンフランシスコ近代美術館、東京国立近代美術館に寄贈する等、文化へも多大な貢献をしてきた。著者が渡米した頃のニューヨークは、写真を含め美術の動向が目まぐるしく変化し、新しいものが絶えず生まれ出てくるエネルギッシュな街であった。また、そこではニュー・カラー・フォトグラフィという名の下、写真においても新しい作品の意義が積極的に問われていた。作者は、そこでニュー・カラー・フォトグラフィの旗手のひとり、レオ・ルビンファインに師事し写真家としての活動も視野に入れながら自身の作品世界を深めていった。 本書は、著者がニューヨーク、海外布教使として滞在したロサンゼルス、そしてその間に帰国した日本を舞台に、ニュー・カラー・フォトグラフィを著者自身の方法で結実させた写真で構成され、残された数多くの写真のなかからの選定は、レオ・ルビンファインによって行われた。


This publication features a selection of photographs by Akiyoshi Taniguchi, which he had taken during his travels in the United States after graduating from high school in 1979. It is the second installment that follows from his previously released photobook, PHOTO-BOY 1973-1979 (2009, Sokyusha). Taniguchi, who has continued to take photographs since junior high school, was born in the temple of Chohouin situated in Kuramae, Tokyo, and currently engages in Buddhist missionary work as a chief priest. Continuing to express enthusiasm towards photography while fulfilling his duties as a priest, in 2006 Taniguchi came to establish “Kurenboh,” a place for exhibitions and viewings within the grounds of the temple. Ever since, he has organized various exhibitions with contemporary artists both working within Japan and overseas. Centering on photographic works, Taniguchi has accumulated an extensive collection through his unique eye, greatly contributing to the cultural sphere through donations to institutions including the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo. When Taniguchi had travelled to the United States, New York had been an energetic city where trends in art including photography were changing dramatically, constantly giving birth to new things. At the time, the significance of new works in the field of photography had been positively questioned under the movement of New Color Photography. Taniguchi further developed the scope of his personal oeuvre in considering his engagement in photographic practice, while apprenticing under the photographer Leo Rubinfien who had been recognized as one of the pioneers of New Color Photography. This publication comprises photographs that Taniguchi took in New York, as well as in Los Angeles where he resided as an overseas missionary, and also those taken in Japan when he temporarily returned from his travels –all of which convey his personal interpretation and expression of New Color Photography. On this occasion, the works featured have been selected from amongst the vast number of photographs that remained at the hand of Leo Rubinfien.

"These wonderful and gentle pictures embody a romance with photography itself, they are generous and humane." – Sandra Phillips, Curator Emerita of Photography, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

by Akiyoshi Taniguchi

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72 pages
360 x 310 mm
limited edition of 300 copies