OUTPOST OF PROGRESS by Michael Höpfner

オーストリア人アーティスト、ミハエル・ホフナー(Michael Höpfner)の作品集。本作は、2007年秋にチベットのチャンタン高原南部を8週間かけ徒歩で旅をした体験に基づいている。チベット高原の一部であるチャンタン高原には、つい最近までは遊牧民族のドログパ族くらいしか住んでいなかった。本書に収録されているモノクロ写真のシリーズと旅行の日記はこの旅で制作されたものであり、地図上に散らばる白い点に過ぎない場所の様子を伝えている。


In fall of 2007 the austrian photographer Michael Höpfner started the project “Outpost of Progress” on an eight-week walking journey over the southern Chang Tang Platau. The Chang Tang high steppe area is part of the Tibet Autonomous Region and was until recently primarily inhabited by Drogpa nomads. The series of black and white photos and the travel diary notes in this book were created on this trip and describe an area which exists only as white spots on the map.

Two days ago I hit a paved road I was surprised. There is no road in any of my descriptions or rudimentary maps. Perhaps the road was constructed within the last few months. I am following this track, built by a bulldoser in the thin tundra surface until I stop on a ridge. I look down onto a broad valley and a settlement.” (From the travel diary notes by Michael Höpfner)

by Michael Höpfner

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104 pages
338 x 234 mm    
black and white

published by SPECTOR BOOKS