ONE PICTURE BOOK #99: FACE by Tomoko Sawada

日本人フォトグラファー、澤田知子の作品集。アメリカの出版社「NAZRAELI PRESS」が手がけるプリント付き作品集シリーズ『ONE PICTURE BOOK』の第99巻。

アーティストによるオリジナル作品を手軽に購入できるよう1998年に同出版社によって考案されたこのシリーズは、各タイトル500部限定発行、装丁やページ数が統一された手に取りやすいサイズで作られており、サイン入りのオリジナルプリントが書籍に添付されている。本シリーズは2016年に100タイトルで完結し、続編としてリニューアルした『ONE PICTURE BOOK TWO』へと移行している。


One of the most recognizable artists of her generation, Tomoko Sawada is a Japanese contemporary feminist photographer and performance artist. For this contribution to our One Picture Book series, Sawada presents twelve self-portraits, each one showing her made up as a different ethnicity and cultural background.

As playful as it appears to be, Sawada’s work has a very serious underlying message. In her own words, “All people—despite having different types of so-called “added values” such as nationality, race, religion, and language—are essentially and naturally equal human beings. This fundamental underlies my photographic work: I aim to point people euphemistically to the fact that humans share 99.99999% of the same genes.

Each copy of Face book includes a randomly-selected original signed print of one of the 12 images in the book.

A very limited quantity of Artist's Proofs are available.

NAZRAELI PRESS' popular One Picture Book series was conceived in 1998 as a way to make original artwork affordable. The series consists of uniformly designed, modestly-sized hardcover books, comprising 16 pages that serve as a “canvas” for the artist to display one cohesive body of work. Each title is limited to 500 numbered copies and includes an original tipped-in photograph, signed on the verso by the artist. The One Picture Book series ended in 2016 with its 100th title and has now moved to a new upgraded One Picture Book Two series.

by Tomoko Sawada

REGULAR PRICE ¥17,600  (tax incl.)

including a print (the image is randomly selected) signed by Tomoko Sawada
print: 100 x 126 mm

16 pages
145 x 186 mm
limited edition of 500 copies


published by NAZRAELI PRESS