デンマーク人アーティスト、FOSの作品をまとめた一冊。ページが綴じられずにリングでまとまっている独立したページ上にある作品は存在感を増し、各作品がお互いに話しかけているような印象を与える。FOSの初期の作品から最新作まで掲載し、アーティストによる文章と詩も掲載。2015年にデンマークのKunsthal Charlottenborgで行われたFOSの個展に合わせて制作された。 まるで好奇心でいっぱいのキャビネットを見ているような一冊。 

One Language Traveller accumulates objects created by Danish artist FOS, as if the book were a cabinet of curiosities. United on the pages of the book, the sculptures speak to each other in a new vocabulary of form. The artist’s book entails both new and earlier work, illustrated in full colour, accompanied by associative texts in the form of lists, statements and a poem written by the artist. It is ring bound, sits in a re ective slipcase and is nished in an array of paper, colours and page sizes. One Language Traveller was made in the winter of 2015 between London and Copenhagen to coincide with a large solo exhibition in Kunsthal Charlottenborg in FOS’ native Denmark.

“The one language traveller is an explorer; maybe he’s the one that found the objects in the book. He moves in and out of different dimensions, areas, scales and cultures, yet he is deciphering what he sees in one language only. This character is a metaphor for how we humans are trying to understand our surroundings. Despite their range of dimensions, we try to comprehend them all in the same language. We’re not switching our investigations into a sensorial communal language, we still use English or another native tongue. My work explores this lack of a vocabulary that would be needed to explain all dimensions. Our one language is very limited, maybe that is why there is so much that we don’t understand.” - FOS (Thomas Poulsen, 1971)

by FOS

REGULAR PRICE ¥27,500  (tax incl.)

softcover in a slipcase
112 pages
255 x 270 mm
limited edition of 750 copies 


published by IN OTHER WORDS