O by Luis Alberto Rodriguez

ベルリンを拠点に活動するアメリカ人アーティスト、ルイス・アルベルト・ロドリゲス(Luis Alberto Rodriguez)の作品集。人生の自然落下、アイデンティティの構築、精神的な運命との繋がりを探る一つのシリーズを通じ、写真に対する演出や具体的なアプローチをそぎ落としていく一作。

フランスの思想家であるシモーヌ・ヴェイユ(Simone Weil)の神秘的な思想に影響を受けながらも、自身の剥き出しなポートレイト作品とヴェイユが生涯取り組んだこととは一線を引く。苦しみと超越性の間に生じる関係や純粋さを求めた本書のタイトルである「O」は、雑音、ハッとした息遣い、吐息、循環、全ての音、開かれているシンボル、ゼロ、リセット... その間で超越性に語りかけている。




※註 別名「紅茶占い」。紅茶を飲み終えた後、カップに残った茶葉が描く形で占う。

Mysticism, spirituality and corporeal liberation meet in the studio for Rodriguez’s powerful new series exploring control, purity and identity.

In O., acclaimed Dominican-American artist Luis Alberto Rodriguez strips down his choreographed, embodied approach to photography through a series that explores the free-fall of life, the construction of identity, and their connections with spiritual destiny. Influenced by French mystic thinker Simone Weil, Rodriguez draws a line between his stripped-down portraits and Weil’s life’s work, in search of purity and the relationship between suffering and transcendence. The title of the book – the letter O – speaks to this transcendence – between a noise, a gasp, an exhale, a cycle, all sounds, an open symbol, a zero, a reset.

Using a cast of different bodies, ages, backgrounds and identities, Rodriguez sculpts a series of nudes oscillating between power and a loss of control. Rodriguez challenges his subjects to let go: bodies contort and collapse while returning to poise, lifting to grace, and reaching into purity. How much control do we have over the direction we are headed? How soft is the landing?

Rodriguez frames his striking nudes in dialogue with images of tasseography – the practice of divination through coffee-cup reading that runs through Rodriguez’s Dominican heritage – to spiritually engage with the force and beauty of those who appear, and disappear, before his camera. O. envokes the volatility of our current moment, our states of self-preservation, and the future that is yet to come.

by Luis Alberto Rodriguez

REGULAR PRICE ¥9,900  (tax incl.)

156 pages
270 x 320 mm
black and white

published by LOOSE JOINTS