NO FISH by Sarah Schneider


ベルリンを拠点とするアメリカ人アーティスト、サラ・シュナイダー(Sarah Schneider)の作品集。作者は2016年の夏にスイス、イタリア、ギリシャを旅し、アーティストレジデンスで過ごした際の経験からアーティストブックを制作した。本書は、平凡でシュールなものであると同時に、共有された瞬間や、静かで不気味なシーンを提示し、一時性と経験が私たちの場所への解釈をどのように形成しているのかを注意深く問いかける。永遠に続くものなどあるのだろうか。古代彫刻、山脈、記憶、愛?本書では、文を書くことと絵を描くことで、私たちが帰れない身近な場所に関する個々人の物語を紡ぐ。

In those days, the figs hung unripe on the trees and I lied awake in bed most nights. We ate dinners on the patio in twilight and sat in overgrown grass watching the sky turn dark. We baked bread. We napped in the sun in cheap lounge chairs. I stood at the edge of the lake swinging my arms, too afraid to jump in. We took long walks to the supermarket past little lambs and empty fields. We saved a beetle from being washed away by a wave and made a tart with plums from a tree on the side of the road. We watched a video about a woman who was married to a roller coaster.

Berlin-based American artist Sarah Schneider presents an artist book drawn from her experiences travelling and attending artist residencies in Switzerland, Italy, and Greece during the summer of 2016. At once prosaic and surreal, the publication recounts moments shared and reveals quiet, uncanny scenes, carefully questioning how temporality and experience shape our interpretation of place. Does anything last forever? Ancient sculptures, mountains, memories, love? In No Fish, writing and paintings piece together a personal narrative of familiar places we cannot return to.

by Sarah Schneider

32 pages
179 x 255 mm
color, black and white

published by 5B