2017年から2019年にかけて、オークランドとボストン、ニューヨークで開催された巡回展「The Museum of Capitalism」に伴い刊行された作品集。本展は、資本主義を歴史上の一現象として扱い、資本主義にまつわるリサーチや数々の展覧会、刊行物、保管されてきた重要な証言や証拠、芸術、美術・工芸品を通して「資本主義のイデオロギーや歴史、遺産に関し、現世代と将来の世代を教育すること」を目的とする。



The Museum of Capitalism—a traveling exhibition that has been hosted in Oakland and Boston and is now opening in New York City—treats capitalism as a historical phenomenon. This speculative institution views the present and recent past from the implied perspective of a future society in which our economic and political system is memorialized, and subjected to the museological gaze.

Sketches and renderings of exhibits and artifacts, combined with relevant quotations from historical sources, are interspersed with speculative essays on the intersections of ecology, race, museology, historiography, economics and politics.

Included are representations of artworks and museum exhibits created by artists Oliver Ressler, Sayler/Morris, Dread Scott, Temporary Services, and others, original Isotype graphics drawn from the Museum’s lexicon of “capitalisms,” and texts from Lucy Lippard, Lester K. Spence, T.J. Demos, Chantal Mouffe, McKenzie Wark and Kim Stanley Robinson, among others.

This expanded 2nd edition includes additional documentation of the exhibition as well as new contributions from Jodi Dean, Ben Davis, Madeline Lane-McKinley, Nina Power, Abigail Satinsky, Simon Sheikh, and FICTILIS.

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208 pages
190 x 248 mm
color, black and white


published by INVENTORY PRESS