イギリス人アーティスト、デイヴィッド・ホックニー(David Hockney)の作品集。イギリスにおいて最もエキサイティングなアーティストの一人である作者の作品を楽しく、クリエイティブかつ魅力的に紹介する一冊。小さなアーティストたちの想像を掻き立てるアクティビティや工作、アーティストのローズ・ブレイク(Rose Blake)が描いた大胆で遊び心溢れるイラストレーションが詰まっている。


「巧みなタイポグラフィーのカバーと全ページを彩るカラフルなイラストレーションに幼いオーディエンスはみな惹かれるだろう。また、すっきりと軽くホックニーの人生とキャリアを紹介し、未来のアーティストたちが夢を叶えるために必要なものはたった3つだけ、手と目、そしてハートであることを気づかせてくれる、素晴らしい内容である。」フィリップ・エリス(Phillip Ellis / Kids in Museums)

Meet the Artist: David Hockney is a fun, creative and engaging introduction to the work of one of Britain’s most exciting artists. Packed with make-and-dos, inspiring activities for young budding artists and bold, playful illustrations by Rose Blake.

The Meet the Artist series of activity books introduces children to internationally renowned artists in a fun and engaging way. Every book includes a brief introduction to the artist’s life followed by a series of drawing-based activities that explore prominent themes and ideas in their work. Featuring beautiful reproductions of key artworks, and illustrated by a leading contemporary illustrator, every book in the Meet the Artist series encourages children to use art as an avenue for exploring ideas and expressing their own experiences through art-making.

The clever typography of the cover and the colourful illustrations on every page certainly make it appealing for young audiences, whilst the neat little introduction to Hockney’s life and career sets things up nicely, reminding any would-be painters that they need only three things to succeed: their hand, their eyes and their heart.’ Philip Ellis, Kids in Museums

Rose Blake is a London based illustrator. She studied at Kingston and the RCA. Her work is inspired by music, the art world and the relationship between things.

by David Hockney , Rose Blake

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32 pages
246 x 280 mm

published by TATE PUBLISHING