イギリス人作家で編集者、学者のアンバー・フセイン(Amber Husain)の作品集。気候変動による壊滅的状況と共同体化した農業関連産業が蔓延る時代の中、食肉の生産は圧倒的な変化を遂げていっている。欧米の都市生活者たちは我々が食す動物たちに目を向け、考え、愛をもって動物に接することを学ぶよう訴えかける。我々は、新鮮で威厳ある大地の関わりに対する世俗的な欲望を柔らかくほぐすよう問われている。それでも我々の肉に対する食欲はこの新しい見方によって埋め合わせることができるのだろうか?肉の生産、販売、そして消費に対するこの「倫理的」アプローチは果たして本当にこの地球と我々の魂を共に救うことができるのだろうか?



'An exquisitely crafted little hand-grenade lobbed at the gentrification of the carnivorous mind. With breathtaking verve and elegance, Husain traces through phenomena such as #cottagecore influencers, King Charles III's views on harmony, Plato, Pythagoras, horror movies, and celebrity cooks. I am not exaggerating when I say I have thought about Meat Love every day since beginning it. As someone who cut their teeth politically in vegan climate justice circles, I didn’t think any of the arguments in it could possibly surprise me; I was wrong. ‘ Sophie Lewis

'A bracing interrogation of the bourgeois romance with so-called ‘ethical’ meat. What does it mean, Husain asks, that our love of animals is not only compatible with, but culminates in, our consuming their flesh? Her answer disturbs and dazzles.' Amia Srinivasan

In an era of climate catastrophe and corporate agribusiness, meat has been decisively made over. Urbanites across the West are called upon to look at the animals we eat, and by looking, learn to treat them with love. We are asked to tenderise our carnal desire for flesh and dignify our relationship with the land. Yet can our appetite for meat be redeemed by this new way of seeing? Can an ‘ethical’ approach to the farming, sale, and consumption of meat really save both the planet and our souls?

In Meat Love, Amber Husain deconstructs the beauty, tragedy, and mystery with which our images of meat are embellished, drawing on a range of visual sources from contemporary art and film to Instagram and advertising. Probing the nature of ‘love’ in contemporary human-animal relations, this illustrated essay casts a materialist’s critical eye on the visual culture of meat as it gentrifies and mutates, informing, for better or for worse, our political imaginations.

DISCOURSE is a series of small books in which a theorist, artist, or writer engages in a dialogue with a theme, an artwork, an idea, or another individual across an extended text.

by Amber Husain


112 pages
125 x 195 mm
color, black and white

published by MACK