2021年に「ポンピドゥーセンター(Centre Pompidou)」で開催された展覧会「L’Image et son double / The Twofold Image(2重のイメージ)」に伴い刊行された作品集。



参加作家:ピエール・ブーシェ(Pierre Boucher)、マン・レイ(Man Ray)、ラウル・ユバック(Raoul Ubac)、コンスタンティン・ブランクーシ(Constantin Brancusi)、ベレニス・アボット(Berenice Abbott)、磯谷 博史(Hirofumi Isoya)、ミクローシュ・エルデーイ(Miklos Erdely)、ティム・ウルリッヒ(Timm Ulrichs)、パオロ・ギオリ(Paolo Gioli)、サラ・クウィナー(Sara Cwynar)、若江 漢字(Kanji Wakae)、ウォレス・バーマン(Wallace Berman)、ブルーノ・ムナーリ(Bruno Munari)、パティ・ヒル(Pati Hill)、エリック・ロンドピエール(Eric Rondepierre)、スーザン・メイゼラス(Susan Meiselas)、フィリップ・ゴールドバッハ(Philipp Goldbach)

Photographers reproduce mechanically and chemically what is in front of them. By means of a negative and digital techniques, photographs can be reproduced to infinity. Captivated by the idea and processes of reproduction, some artists have placed this concept at the very heart of their works. The exhibition L’Image et son double / The Twofold Image (Centre Pompidou), and its accompanying book, develops dialogues between historical photographs and more contemporary works from the museum’s collections.

The collective exhibition entitled "L’Image et son double" brings together works generated by a meditation on one of the key properties of photography, perhaps even its most intrinsic, namely reproduction. It sparks a dialogue between historic and contemporary photographic works, shedding light on the very nature of photography and its specific features, such as its deep-rooted ties with the other arts.

"L’Image et son double" features some sixty works from the Centre Pompidou collection, by some twenty international artists, including: Pierre Boucher, Man Ray, Raoul Ubac, Constantin Brancusi, Berenice Abbott, Hirofumi Isoya, Miklos Erdely, Timm Ulrichs, Paolo Gioli, Sara Cwynar, Kanji Wakae, Wallace Berman, Bruno Munari, Pati Hill, Eric Rondepierre, Susan Meiselas, and Philipp Goldbach. Several of the works presented are recent acquisitions, thanks notably to the Centre Pompidou Group of Friends of Photography (GAP).

REGULAR PRICE ¥4,400  (tax incl.)

190 pages
165 x 235 mm
color, black and white

published by SPECTOR BOOKS