LE CROWBAR by Tom Hunter

イギリス人フォトグラファー、トム・ハンター(Tom Hunter)の作品集。本書は、1995年に作者が友人達と中古のダブルデッカー(2階建バス)でヨーロッパ中を旅しながら記録した写真放浪記。食料品とサウンドシステムだけを車内に積み込み、フランスのフォーク・ミュージック・フェスティバルやチェコのテクノ祭、オーストリアのヒッピー集会、スペインのビーチパーティーなど、ヨーロッパ中を移動しながら、旅に向かう友人達や路上での生活、時には憩いの場として機能した「Le Crowbar Café」の様子を収めている。

‘…and with just a flyer from Steve Bedlam, stating “Hostomice, It's Out There… The Tekno Travellers' Holiday Destination Of The Year” as directions, we head off to Europe.’

In 1995 Tom Hunter set off from a squatted street in Hackney with a group of friends in an old double decker bus, loaded with muesli, Sosmix, baby-foot table and a sound system. Fuelled by selling egg butties, veggie burgers and beer, their journey took them through folk festivals in France, teknivals in Czech Republic, hippie gatherings in Austria and beach parties in Spain. Le Crowbar Café became an oasis for a nomadic party community hungry for all night food and a break from the hardcore techno. Le Crowbar paints a vivid picture of friends on a journey, exploring new horizons and ways of living on the road, in the wake of the introduction of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994.

by Tom Hunter

REGULAR PRICE ¥6,600  (tax incl.)

96 pages
210 x 270 mm
limited edition of 1,000 copies

published by HERE PRESS