IN BLOOM by Jean-Vincent Simonet [SPECIAL EDITION]

フランス人アーティスト、ジャン=ヴァンサン・シモネ(Jean-Vincent Simonet)の作品集。作者の作り出す途方もない混沌が渦巻く不規則で過剰な作品群は、カオスな世界に流れる詩情のさらに一歩先へと向かう。本作は、作者が2016年9月に初めて日本を訪れたのをきっかけに生まれた。東京と大阪で過ごした夜は、感覚を狂わせるほどにパワフルな体験だった。性的な出会い、ナイトパーティーと、夜更けに都市を徘徊する中で目にした光景が溶け合い、1つの視覚的な情報の塊となって目の前で展開していく。うねうねと蠢く都市は、まるで夜になると変身する生き物に見えてくる。作者にとって日本は、水の底に住まう伝説の怪物に近い存在だった。アナログで撮影したイメージを実験的な手法を使って変化させ、またその変化は流れる水のように姿を変え続ける生命体に飲み込まれ、ゆっくりと消化されていく感覚を暗に表現している。インクが完全に乾くことのないプラスチック紙や彫刻用レジンに印刷した画像の表面を、水や薬品、長時間露光、懐中電灯の光などを使って変容させる。記憶の中の光景が溶けて流れていくようにイメージは抽象化され、判別し難くなっていく。東京と大阪への旅行記ともラブレターともとれる本書は、日本のアンダーグラウンド・カルチャーの心臓部へ入り込んだ旅の強烈で超視覚的な記録であり、生まれて初めての異国の地を外国人として見るという圧倒的な体験に捧げた歌でもある。本作はクレイジーな夢のシークエンスとして読み解くこともでき、都市という巨大な生物の腹の中で過ごした数えきれない夜が決して明けることのない一夜に凝縮されたような感覚で満ちている。


French artist Jean-Vincent Simonet’s practice pushes the poetics of chaos to the very limits, characterised by a penchant for sheer entropy and excess. In Bloom materialised after Simonet first visited Japan in September 2016. Nights spent in Tokyo and Osaka were an intoxicating assault on the senses for him, with sexual encounters, drug-fuelled parties and times spent scaling the city after dark merging into one unfolding mass of visual information before his eyes. The cities were like serpentine, living entities that appeared to metamorphose in the night time. For Simonet, Japan has always had an aquatic, almost mythical status. His images – of which all are original analogue photographs – are transformed through experimental manipulations; metaphors for the slow process of feeling ingested by these fluid, mutating organisms. Printing his images onto plastic paper and sculptural resin so the ink never quite dries, Simonet uses water and chemicals, long exposure and torchlight to transform the surface of his prints, abstracting and blurring them as if the scenes are melting away. Part travel diary and part love letter to the cities of Tokyo and Osaka, In Bloom is a searing, hyper-visual journey into the heart of Japanese underground culture and an ode to the overwhelming experience of seeing a place with the eyes of a stranger for the first time. The book reads as a frenetic dream sequence, as if the countless nights he spent in the belly of the city have folded into a single never-ending one.

The special edition of ‘In Bloom’ by Jean-Vincent Simonet is limited to 45 copies. For this special edition Jean-Vincent Simonet chemically washed his photographs by hand to create individually customised prints. Due to the unpredictable nature of the chemicals, no print is the same. This chemical process was also used in the book to manipulate the photographs. The individual hand made print will go alongside the book which is signed by Jean-Vincent Simonet, all of which will be encased in a special hand made resin cover. Jean-Vincent Simonet's process is chaotic order, which plays with the erratic nature of the chemicals to produce beautiful unforeseeable outcomes. Inspired by Simonet’s first visit to Japan in September 2016, this process emulates the metamorphose of forms the living city of Tokyo took during the night time.

by Jean-Vincent Simonet

REGULAR PRICE ¥39,600  (tax incl.)

softcover in a handmade acrylic case
including print signed by Jean-Vincent Simonet

132 pages
240 x 330 mm
limited edition of 45 copies


published by SPBH EDITIONS