HURVIN ANDERSON by Hurvin Anderson

ジャマイカ系イギリス人アーティスト、ハーヴィン・アンダーソン(Hurvin Anderson)の作品集。作者のこれまでの経歴の総合的な全体像が初めて描かれた一冊である。作者は、曖昧ながらもみずみずしい情景の描出や、パーソナルな意味合いにあふれた空間を作り出すことで知られている。


本書は作者の初となるモノグラフであり、自身によって厳選された絵画、スケッチ、資料、エフェメラ、スタジオで撮影されたイメージがまとめられている。コートニー・J・マーティン(Courtney J. Martin)による序文、芸術史学者キャサリン・ランパート(Catherine Lampert)による広く深く考究されたエッセイ、ロジャー・ロビンソン(Roger Robinson)による詩、挿絵入りの年表も収録。

This is the first comprehensive overview of the career to date of British-born Jamaican artist Hurvin Anderson (b. 1965). Anderson is known for painting lush and loosely rendered observations of scenes and spaces loaded with personal meaning.

Turner Prize-nominated artist Hurvin Anderson is best known for his brightly painted, densely detailed landscapes and interior scenes—particularly those relating to his upbringing in the Afro-Caribbean community in the Midlands of England, as well as more recent trips to the Caribbean. Anderson’s luscious paintings have hybridity at their heart. A tug-of-war plays out between abstraction and figuration, nature versus the manmade, beauty and menace, and his British and Jamaican heritage.

Born in the United Kingdom as a member of the Jamaican diaspora, Anderson relates to the Caribbean as both insider and outsider, aware of the mythmaking that the idea of lost or future paradise generates. This book, Anderson’s first major monograph, has been carefully curated by the artist himself and includes paintings, sketches, source material and ephemera, and studio shots. The volume also features a foreword by Courtney J. Martin, an in-depth and deeply considered essay by art historian Catherine Lampert, poems by Roger Robinson, and an illustrated chronology.

by Hurvin Anderson


320 pages
262 x 310 mm
color, black and white

published by RIZZOLI