HARDTACK by Rahim Fortune

アメリカ人フォトグラファー、ラヒム・フォーチュン(Rahim Fortune)の作品集。10年間にわたり撮り続けた歴史と風景に根ざしたポートレイトを通して、アメリカ南部における黒人文化と伝統が持つ不朽の気質を掲げた一冊。


好評を博した前作『I can't stand to see you cry』に続き、作者はそのヴァナキュラー写真やアーカイブ写真の言葉を借りて、自身のコミュニティと写真との歴史的な関係を問う。歴史的ないし文化的に重要視される場所を被写体ではなくガイドとして使うことで、現代の黒人コミュニティーが逆境にあろうと順境にあろうと、その地域に粘り強く結びついている深い繋がりを示唆している。



Fortune uplifts the long-enduring nature of Black culture and traditions in the American South across ten years of portraiture rooted in history and the landscape.

Flour, water, and salt. These are the sole ingredients that make Hardtack: a Civil War-era food long-associated with survivalism, land migration, and its extremely long shelf life. Drawing from this history as a metaphor for the long-enduring nature of Black culture and traditions, Hardtack uncovers the roots that tie Fortune's native landscape to the conflicts and nuances associated with the post-emancipation Americas.

In the follow-up to his breakout monograph I can't stand to see you cry, Fortune borrows from the language of vernacular and archival photography to interrogate the historical relationship of his community to photography; rooted in the landscape, Fortune often uses sites of historical and cultural interest as a guide but not a subject, implying the deep ties that bind modern Black communities resiliently to their regions, in the face of both adversity and joy.

A significant theme in Hardtack is Fortune’s striking portraits of coming-of-age traditions. Inside, young bull-riders, praise dancers, and pageant queens inherit and gracefully embrace these forms of community ritual. Fortune's dignifying eye pays tribute to these cultural performances' rigour, discipline and creative flair, alongside the intergenerational conversation between young people and elders handing down these traditions. Collecting together nearly a decade of work, Hardtack continues Fortune’s weaving of documentary and personal history, marking a sincere expression of love and passion to a region that has nourished the artist personally and creatively, while also marking an important contribution to photographing the American South.

by Rahim Fortune

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144 pages
238 x 287 mm    
black and white

published by LOOSE JOINTS