#HAIRTESTS by Guido Palau

イギリス人ヘアスタイリスト、グイド・パラオ(Guido Palau)の作品集。世界で最も革新的でリスペクトされるヘアスタイリストの1人である作者は、スティーヴン・マイゼル(Steven Meisel)やデヴィッド・シムズ(David Sims)といったフォトグラファーたちとのコラボレーションを経て、ファッション界で最も象徴的なイメージを生み出してきた。刊行されてきたこれまでの作品集と一線を画すのは、この作品が直感的かつ即効性のある強度を持つ点である。






As one of the world's most innovative and respected hair stylists, Guido’s collaborations with photographers such as Steven Meisel and David Sims have resulted in some of fashion's most iconic images. This new book, however, is far removed from a collection of previously published work. #HAIRTESTS has an immediacy and an urgency. It goes directly to the source. As Guido explains:
For me, this is primarily a sketchbook of ideas, and the young models I worked with were willing to be the beginning part of that sketch. My imagination was fuelled by their hair. The impulse was to create characters in a purely instinctive way.

#HAIRTESTS is a book of photographs, but Guido is keen to stress that this is not a photography book.
The images present an artist’s rendering, a visual journal of characters. It’s not about the photograph per se. I simply recorded the results on my phone. I am not a photographer, but just like everyone else in the world, I have this device, like an extension of my hand, which records what is in front of me.”

This shift away from photography brings the hair to the foreground. Guido’s limitless ideas emanate from what stands before him.
Studying the models, I was trying to capture their essence. Their features, often angular and unconventional, begged many questions: Are they awkward, geeky, rebellious or anarchic? What I do is often only one squirt away from disappearing. As soon as you put water on it, it’s gone, so, often, I only had seconds to capture that character.”
And what characters they are!

I’m forever in love with how people can change themselves with their hair. This is a really exciting time because the boundaries of beauty have really broken down. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. I hope this book captures that.”

by Guido Palau

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softcover in slipcase
132 pages
235 x 280 mm
color, black and white
limited edition of 1,000 copies

published by IDEA