GRAVITATION by Eduardo Chillida

スペイン人彫刻家、エドゥアルド・チリーダ(Eduardo Chillida)の作品集。2023年にスペインの「チリダレク博物館(Museo Chillida Leku)」とスイスの「ハウザー&ワース(Hauser & Wirth)」の協力のもと、「クンストマイル・クレムス(Kunstmeile Krems)」で開催された展覧会に伴い刊行された。


The catalogue examines the oeuvre of Eduardo Chillida on the basis of 89 works, tracing his artistic development and describing his artistic language.

In addition to his sculptures and some public works, focus is primarily laid on the artist’s hanging paper works– the “Gravitations”.

The Basque artist, born in San Sebastián, is considered to be a master of abstract sculpture and is one of the most important sculptors of the 20th century.

He became known as creator of monumental sculpture in public spaces.

His steel works, weighing several tons, dominate public spaces, landscapes and parks.

by Eduardo Chillida

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144 pages
260 x 280 mm

published by WALTHER KÖNIG