GOLD CUSTODY by Barbara Bloom & Ben Lerner

アメリカ人アーティスト、バーバラ・ブルーム(Barbara Bloom)とアメリカ人小説家・詩人のベン・ラーナー(Ben Lerner)によるコラボレーション作品集。



芸術を外から押し付けられた枠から自由にすること、伝記、いわゆる『前衛的な敬虔さ』、私たちをがんじがらめにする物語といった概念を再考した作品。特にコラージュ、分割、繰り返しといったテクニックの使い方には、ここ1~2年の私たちの体験の仕方を思わせるものがある」– New York Review of Books

ブルームは、細部に注目し、伝記の主人公である偉大な人物を人間らしく描こうとする文学的な伝記作家と同じアプローチを用いている…その作品は、あえて全てを語らず、書かれていないことに意味を見つけ出すことで機能する」– Frieze

いつもと違う考え方や時代に挑戦したラーナーの文章を読み、彼が元々持っている深遠な才能が新しい主題、風景、能力として花開くのを目の当たりにするのは、本当に喜ばしい」– マギー・ネルソン(Maggie Nelson)

[Gold Custody] return[s] to the idea of freeing art from some imposed frame: of biography, of those “vanguard pieties,” of the stories we’re locked into … the use of collage and disjunction and repetition seemed especially evocative of the way many of us experienced the last year and a half.” – New York Review of Books

“[Bloom’s] approach echoes that of literary biographers, who, by focussing on small details, attempt to humanize the larger-than-life figures they depict … Bloom’s [artworks] function through elision, finding meaning in what’s left unsaid.” – Frieze

It's a complete pleasure to read Lerner experimenting with other minds and times, to watch his already profound talent blooming into new subjects, landscapes, and capacities.
– Maggie Nelson

Barbara Bloom and Ben Lerner share a fascination with intricate dramas of framing and reframing: what happens to an image or a phrase when it is re-encountered, recontextualized, recombined — when a particular frame of reference is established or collapses? How is meaning accrued or eroded through repetition, across pages or generations? How are images or sentences enlisted in — or suddenly freed from — the construction of our personal and collective mythologies?

In this collaborative book, bringing together Bloom’s artworks and Lerner’s prose poems, these questions are rendered beautiful as they are sensitively felt, veering between the promises of abstraction — ‘the showroom of grammar, its glitter and ghosts,’ collective nouns, songs without lyrics that everyone can sing — and verbal and visual languages of extreme privacy. Other topics include: false fathers, lice, stone fruit, Casper Rappaport, color words, alephs, forever stamps, and Goethe’s corridor.

by Barbara Bloom , Ben Lerner

REGULAR PRICE ¥6,050  (tax incl.)

104 pages
200 x 250 mm
color, black and white

published by MACK