GASOLINE by David Campany

イギリス人のキュレーター、ライター、そしてアーティストでもあるデヴィッド・カンパニー(David Campany)の作品集。20世紀建築の象徴の一つとして当時のアーティストらからアイコンとされた「ガソリンスタンド」の写真に着目し、その中でも1944年から1995年に撮影されたものを作者がアメリカの各新聞社からセレクト・買い集めた35点を収録。本作からは現代の石油依存に報道写真、フィルムからデジタル写真への移行から車のデザインといった時代の変化を読み取ることが出来る内容となっている。

The gas station is one of the most iconic of twentieth century buildings. Recognised across the world, it is arguably most established on American soil where the notion of the road trip on a full tank of gas is culturally ingrained. Gasoline presents 35 archive press images of gas stations taken between 1944 and 1995. They have been collected by writer David Campany, purchased from the photography archives of several American newspapers which have been discarding their analogue print collections and moving to the now ubiquitous .jpeg or .tif formats. Gasoline can be read as a cautionary tale about the modern dependence on oil, about news photography, about the shift from film to digital imaging, or as a minor history of car design and vernacular architecture. Marked with the grease pen notations of the newspapers’ art directors, the photos tell of oil shortages, road congestion, crimes, accidents and choking cities. Individually the images are single moments in time; collectively they show a growing consciousness about cars, the oil trade and global concern about pollution.

by David Campany

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100 pages
240 x 320 mm
color, black and white

published by MACK