FIRE IN CAIRO by Matthew Connors

ボストンのマサチューセッツ芸術大学で教鞭をとるマシュー・コナーズ(Matthew Connors)による作品集。本書はエジプト革命で国民を政治的混乱に陥らせた苦闘と次々に明らかになる事実が記録されており、革命によって生じた大きな社会変化や国民の抵抗の痕跡が残るカイロの街をとらえ、コナーズが現地で撮影したエジプト人のポートレートと織り交ぜ構成されている。歴史的革命のルポタージュでもあると同時に歴史的脅威の元に見え隠れする美も映し出した、緊迫感のある一冊となっている。

Fire in Cairo emerged from Egypt as an oblique and fragmentary document of revolutionary struggle. The book charts Connors’ uneasy engagement with the political turmoil that gripped the nation during its rapidly unfolding history. The complexity of the situation resisted comprehensive explanation, but invited metaphorical speculation. In his images Cairo reveals itself to be an enormous studio for social change, ripe with visual, sculptural and atmospheric residues of resistance. He weaves these together with portraits of Egyptians from across the political spectrum and his own experimental fiction. The result is a book that careens between reportage, poetry and surrealism to heighten the tensions between beauty, threat and historical consequence.

by Matthew Connors


160 pages
199 x 254 mm
limited edition of 1,000 copies

shortlist of the Paris Photo–Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards 2015 - the First PhotoBook Prize

published by SPBH EDITIONS