FAR by Emile Hyperion Dubuisson

NY在住フランス人フォトグラファー、エミール・ハイペリオン・デュブイソン(Emile Hyperion Dubuisson)の作品集。90年代初頭に旧ソ連に関するドキュメンタリー映画の撮影でロシア・シベリアを訪れた作者が、極限の環境の中でなかなか進まない映画撮影の合間に立ち寄ったシベリア・ヤマル半島に住む人々や街並を捉えた作品で構成されている。高性能印刷技術によってイメージに浮かび上がる修復不可能の為に残されたフィルムのダメージが、ロシアという過酷な環境をより感じさせる演出となっている。ロンドンの国立近代美術館「テート・モダン(TATE MODERN)」で写真部門のチーフキュレーターを務めるSimon Bakerの元でアシスタントを務めたフランス人キュレーター、Ines de BordasAlix Janta-Polczynskiによって2013年に立ち上げられたロンドンを拠点とする出版社「ADAD BOOKS」最初の写真集。旧ソ連出身のフォトグラファー、Boris Mikhailovによる序文付き。

This previously unpublished series of photographs was made in Siberia in the early 1990s while Dubuisson was working as assistant director in a film crew shooting a documentary about the former Soviet Union. Challenged by the extreme conditions, filming was difficult and Dubuisson began taking pictures with a small all-weather camera around the villages in the Yamal Peninsula where gas workers, scientists and local reindeer herders lived and worked. On his return to Moscow, Dubuisson struggled to process his film and believed his negatives to have been damaged beyond repair. It is only recently that he returned to this material and has finally been able to produce photographic prints. The resulting images offer a strange, poetic vision of the bleakness of Siberia evoking its remoteness in both time and space through a combination of Dubuisson’s singular scenes of sub-zero life and the unintentional effects of the passage of time and the photographic process.

Everything here reminds me of the cold, of life without a fridge; and the terrible smoke, which covers the sky...I also see traces of dust and fingerprints, which tell a story of their own. - Boris Mikhailov

by Emile Hyperion Dubuisson

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96 pages
210 x 260 mm
black and white
limited edition of 600 copies

published by ADAD BOOKS