FAKE NEWS by Wilfredo Prieto

キューバ生まれのアーティスト、ウィルフレド・プリエト(Wilfredo Prieto)の作品集。作者は朝起きてスマートフォンでニュースを読み、12の見出しをもとに絵を描く。その後キューバのギャラリー「Galería Habana」の営業が始まる直前に、描いた絵を壁に掛ける。


作者はこの儀式のような行為を1か月かけてさらに29回繰り返した。シリーズ全360点と、キュレーターであるパトリック・シャルプネル(Patrick Charpenel)との対談を収録。

『FAKE NEWS』は、絵画とテクノロジーとの間に生じる矛盾から生まれた。

Wilfredo Prieto (b. 1978, Sancti Spíritus, Cuba) wakes up, reads the news on his phone, and paints twelve headlines. He then hangs them at GALERÍA HABANA just before opening. Day 1: “How to cut the salary of your footballers”; “Millions of flowers destroyed due to falling demand”; “Textile, cosmetic, and beverage companies will make material”; “Overcrowded and water-deprived after fleeing war”; “Blood brothers”; “Two merge to form the iconic”; "Images of military vehicles loaded with coffins”; “The so-called lies that go around the world”; “Mexicans forget the coronavirus in Acapulco”; “Woman plays the lottery for 10 years with the same numbers and wins half a million dollars”; “Why Germany has such a low number”; “Entry will be regulated, except for residents.” He performs this ritual twenty more nine times—one month in all. Fake News brings together all 360 paintings, with a conversation between prieto and curator Patrick Charpenel.

Fake News arose from this contradiction between painting and technology”

by Wilfredo Prieto

REGULAR PRICE ¥7,150  (tax incl.)

272 pages
200 x 300 mm
color, black and white
limited edition of 500 copies

published by ZOLO PRESS