アメリカ人フォトグラファー、ジェイ・カリエール(J Carrier)の作品集。過去10年に渡りアフリカ、中東を放浪した中で、イスラエル滞在時に撮影した作品を収録。故郷を離れ、見知らぬ地で旅行者として生活する「アウトサイダー」である自身を移民労働者や難民に重ね合わせ、郷愁の情を繊細に描く。2010年「NY Photo Award Fine Art 部門賞」、「National Geographic Traveller Award 最優秀賞」受賞作。

Ecuador, and then to Africa and the Middle East, every move taking him further from his friends and family. During his time in Israel, Carrier began to feel an affinity with the migrants who had landed in the dusty city of Tel Aviv, relating to their experience as an outsider, someone far from home. Elementary Calculus, through a series of portraits, landscapes and still life photographs, observes the publicly private moments of these peregrine foreigners as they attempt to connect back to their homes. In his documentation of migrants and refugees in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, Carrier explores the distance between reality and desire – the want for what was and the hope for what will be – and traces the manner in which we navigate the points between the unknowns. His photographs resonate with the sense that in a foreign country geographical distance loses its physical measure and home feels like a hazy memory, a half-remembered dream. Carrier’s subtle yet striking images of Israel and the West Bank throw up more questions than they answer. What does this influx of foreigners mean in a nation that is defined by ethnicity and competing claims of ownership? And how does this complex situation affect these new varieties of refugees? Is there promise in this land for them?

by J Carrier

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128 pages
235 x 195 mm

published by MACK