ARCHIPELAGO by Matthew Porter

アメリカ人フォトグラファー、マシュー・ポーター(Matthew Porter)の作品集。本書では群島の島や一房の果実、群れ、土着的なテーマなど、異質の写真を並べることによってイメージの相関性を提示しようとしている。短いテキストが所々に配置され、アメリカ人女優ジェーン・フォンダとベトナム戦争、カウアイ島のハワイ諸島とハリウッドのイメージを次第に連結し始める。ページをめくる度に部屋の中や川の上流、秘境の奥地に連れ出してくれるような一冊。

Archipelago is a journey into an interior, upriver, towards an enigmatic hinterland. At any one instance, Matthew Porter sets up correlations between disparate images, configured on each page like islands in an archipelago, clusters which form their own, indigenous subjects. Short texts, placed at intervals, reveal the connective tissue binding varied subjects – Jane Fonda and the Vietnam War, the Hawaiian Island of Kaua'i and Hollywood. What interests Porter is the legacy of the photographic image, and its capacity to reach across history, to make intelligible to us what we already know, or, encountered at the right moment, that which we could not otherwise know. “Porter’s stills function like portals”, writes Lindsay Caplan, “obliquely suggestive of historical events, modernist styles, and codified genres, sometimes all at the same time… this very contemporary condition in which knowing too much and knowing too little invoke the same visceral state”.

by Matthew Porter


132 pages
288 x 240 mm

published by MACK