ALL THE THINGS I KNOW by Zebadiah Keneally

ニューヨークを拠点に活動するアーティスト、ゼバディア・キニーリー(Zebediah Keneally)の作品集。人が人、動物が人、ハンバーガーやホットドッグが人である世界では、抑えきれないまどろみの霊が集団潜在意識に浸透し、生きている世界の魂をほとんど絶やそうとする。この混乱した意識の中にほぼ聞こえない心の歌が響く。ここでは、時間というものが崩壊し、神だけでなく、ユーピテル、ネプチューン、プルート、ヘラも覚醒したリアリズムの中に入り込み、権力を争って、地球の運命を左右する。


In a world where people are people, animals are people, hamburgers and hot dogs are people, an irresistible spirit-slumber has seeped through the collective consciousness, nearly snuffing out the soul of the living, breathing world. Nearly inaudibly, heart song echoes through this fog of confusion; time has folded in on itself, allowing not only God but Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, and Hera to enter the waking realism, where they vie for power and sway over the fate of the planet.

This is the story that New York-based artist Zebadiah Keneally has set himself the task of reciting in his first ever (but nonetheless epic) graphic novel, All the Things I Know. This 380-page saga is contained within a softcover book with a pink PVC dust jacket and comes after publishing two of its chapters in issues #27 and #28 of Apartamento magazine.

by Zebadiah Keneally

REGULAR PRICE ¥7,480  (tax incl.)

380 pages
190 x 240 mm
black and white

published by APARTAMENTO