A DECADE TO DOWNLOAD – THE INTERNET YAMI-ICHI 2012 - 2021 by A Decade To Download Project Team [SPECIAL EDITION]


インターネットヤミ市」とは、「インターネットに関するものを実空間で売り買いする」というテーマで行われるフリーマーケット形式のイベント。エキソニモが結成した「100年前から続くインターネット上の秘密結社 - IDPW (アイパス)」が東京で初開催した2012年から、10年間で世界30都市で40回以上開催されている。当時、エキソニモが開発したiPhone用のアプリがApp Storeの審査でリジェクトされたのをきっかけに「ならば直接ケーブルで繋いで売ればいい」という発想がもととなって第1回目のヤミ市が東京で開催された。その後、誰でも自由にヤミ市が開催できるようにオープン・プラットフォーム化したことで世界中に拡がり、インターネット・カルチャーを現実空間で楽しむアイデアが、世界のインターネット・ラバーの間で熱狂的に受け入れられてきた。


A limited-edition of 100 copies of the book created with the concept of downloading into a book the 10-year history of the "Internet Yami-Ichi" from 2012 to 2021 by IDPW, founded by the artist duo "exonemo" by Kensuke Sembo and Yae Akaiwa.

The Internet Yami-Ichi is a flea market-style event held under the theme of "selling and buying Internet-ish things in real space.” Over 40 events have been held in 30 cities around the world in the past 10 years since 2012 when the first event was held in Tokyo by "IDPW - a secret society on the internet that goes back more than 100 years" formed by exonemo. In 2012, the first Yami-Ichi was held in Tokyo, based on the idea of "selling directly connected with a cable" after an iPhone App developed by exonemo was rejected by the App Store. Since then, it has spread around the world as it became an open platform for anyone to freely hold the Yami-Ichi, and the idea of enjoying Internet culture in real space has been enthusiastically embraced by Internet lovers around the world.

This book is an attempt to hold the past decade's Yami-Ichi in book form. Over 200 vendors from a total of 24 cities, including Tokyo, Berlin, Sapporo, Brussels, Amsterdam, Taichung, Seoul, and New York, introduce themselves and their past products on paper. The book also includes original essays by seven people who are closely connected to Internet creations, making it a valuable reference not only for the Internet Yami-Ichi but also for the footprints of the Internet subculture. The book was created by a project team led by exonemo as part of the Obayashi Foundation's "Visions of the City" project.

by A Decade To Download Project Team

REGULAR PRICE ¥40,000  (tax incl.)

800 pages
187 x 297 mm
limited edition of 100 copies


winner of the Tokyo TDC Annual Awards 2023 - the RGB Prize (RGB Experimental Category for A DECADE TO DOWNLOAD PROJECT TEAM)