1981 & 2011 by Paul Graham

イギリス人フォトグラファー、ポール・グラハム(Paul Graham)の作品集。作者にとって最初の写真集となる『The Great North Road』(1981, Alpha Book Dist)と最新作『The Present』(2011, MACK)が1冊に収められている。ハッセルブラッド財団のドラガナ・ヴヤノヴィッチ(Dragana Vujanovic)、ルイーズ・ウォルタース(Louise Wolthers)と作者による共同編集及び、作者の30年間に渡る写真家人生を共に歩んできたキュレーター・アーティストでもあるデヴィッド・カンパニー(David Campany)が論評を寄稿。2012年ハッセルブラッド国際写真賞受賞に伴い発行。

At the beginning of the 1980's Graham was among the first photographers to unite contemporary colour practice with the classic ‘social documentary’ genre. In 1981/2 he completed A1 – The Great North Road, a series of colour photographs from the length of the British A1 road, which forged a dramatic challenge to the black and white tradition that dominated British photography to that point. This work, along with his other photographs of the 1980’s, were pivotal in reinvigorating and transforming photographic practice in the UK and abroad. In 2011 Paul Graham released The Present, which embraces street photography, a genre unique to photography where the artist works with the ceaseless flow of life. These images break with the traditional approach of locking the world into frozen instants and instead brings us each scene together with its double, the briefest fraction of time apart, so that we glimpse the continuum, the before/after and coming/ going of life's dazzling dance. Designed by Paul Graham and MACK, printed in colour throughout, 1981 & 2011 aligns these two bodies of Graham's work across the 3 decades spanning his career. With David Campany's incisive essay, we can piece together and explore the concerns that link and bind an artist over the years making this a salient book on the passage of creativity in the observable world.

by Paul Graham


104 pages
205 x 255 mm

winner of the Hasselblad Award 2012
winner of the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Prize 2009

published by MACK