YOSHITOMO NARA by Yoshitomo Nara

日本人美術家、奈良美智の作品集。本書は、2021年に「ロサンゼルス・カウンティ美術館(Los Angeles County Museum of Art)」にて開催された展覧会に伴い刊行された。


Thirty years after Yoshitomo Nara rocketed to fame with his paintings of sinister figures, the artist has developed his practice to reflect his unique, empathic eye. This book presents the full range of Nara’s work. Along with his most recognizable pieces, such as his ubiquitous portraits of wide-eyed figures on monochromatic backgrounds, readers will discover his earliest paintings, sketched on surfaces ranging from envelopes to cardboard made during his time in Germany, as well as an installation that re-creates his drawing studio. His most recent works are also represented, including his large-scale bronze and ceramic figurines and portraits made following the 2011 earthquake that devastated Japan. Comparing and contrasting these pieces through Nara’s distinctive musical lens, the catalogue also features “liner notes” written by the artist about various albums in his personal collection, published in English for the first time. Viewers will see the evolution of a dynamic artist who has become more contemplative with age.

by Yoshitomo Nara

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224 pages
227 x 300 mm

published by DELMONICO BOOKS